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BLUTV is an American internet television channel. The television channel was established on January 3, 2013. At this time, the network intends to deliver classic movies, music videos, live performances, documentaries and light interviews. In a statement, Johnson described the network as "A channel created for this new era of social media with no targeted demographics." He also stated "We're building this platform for people who enjoy programs from the past and curious about the future. BluTV will be live, like all great moments in television history." The network is to be influenced by the dynamic interests of social networking websites.




BluTV Media is a North Carolina creative production company working across numerous channels and categories. We can create dynamic film for some of the world’s most admired brands. Our all-star team of writers, directors, producers and cinematographers handles projects of nearly every scale and genre, from single-camera studio interviews to multi-camera, multi-crew commercial shoots, in multiple locations around the world. 

Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way…Make it better than you ever imagined it could be.


At BluTV Media, we measure our success by the results of each and every production, not by the sheer number of projects we complete. If direct response marketing is right for you and your product, then we want to be the ones to help you make it happen.

Film/Video Editor/Mobile Apps/Website Design


Available for freelance and contract jobs


Stories are powerful. They connect us to one another and help us understand ideas. We are here to help you craft your story, from concept to everything in-between. The first step in telling a story is actually listening. Every video is unique and we work with our clients to understand their specific needs to come up with the right solution. We like to consider ourselves a part of your team and integrate into your transformation. Nothing gets lost in translation because everyone is on the same page every step of the way.



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